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Onboarding Process

Below you will find a high level summary of the steps required to retrieve data via the Weather DataHub (WDH) product APIs.

You can discover our products including pricing, parameter glossaries and API definitions even before registering by using the menu options or product catalogue defined on the WDH Home page.

The overall process is illustrated below - click on any of the boxes for each stage to get more information.

* only required for atmospheric model products

Pricing/ Payment

For the atmospheric model products we charge by volume of data shipped. You can define orders for the parameters you want prior to subscription and we will provide an estimated order size which will act as a guide to the monthly subscription cost.

Other products are similar to traditional APIs and are charged for by the number of data requests.

A full breakdown of the payment options is available from our Product pricing pages.

For our paid plans we offer the option of self-service card payment plans with immediate access to data on successful payment or an invoice service which will be set up by your account manager in Data Provisioning. Note the invoice payment option can take a few days to set up and a credit check will be required.

Sample / Trial Data

WDH provides a link to a sample file of data for some products which can be downloaded to review the format of our data. The links are available from menu options for each relevant product.

We recommend for all products that you first subscribe to our free plans which provide a limited amount of requests/ volume of the live data for you to review. These free plans are also a long term low volume subscription option.

Taking a free subscription in the first place enables technical integration of the API to start in advance of final decision on the required subscription for the amount of data you want.

Our atmospheric model product also has a trial plan where for a limited period (usually 30 days) you get access to 60GB of data (or more by arrangement) to trial our parameters and the download process. Trial plans must be approved by our Data Provisioning Team (DPT).